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June 9, 2009

Sid Cleaning My Keyboard

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I was finishing up my vegetable stew when the bowl flipped a bit and spilled a bunch of stew and broth all over my computer keyboard. Whenever I make an “Oops!” noise, the dog comes running, in hopes that I have spilled something for him to eat off the floor. I took one look at Sid’s begging eyes and another look and my stewed computer keyboard. As if by habit, I disconnected the keyboard from the computer and placed it on the floor for Sid to “clean up.”

By the time I realized that I had done something REALLY weird, Sid was almost finished cleaning off the keyboard. I grabbed the camera and snapped this photo of him cleaning and Elvis wishing Sid would let him have some too.

Sid Cleaning My Keyboard by LauraMoncur from Flickr

Sid’s big, pink tongue cleaned off the keyboard surprising well, but that didn’t stop me from cleaning it again with a good coat of Windex. I haven’t had any troubles with it acting funny, sticking keys or doggy breath.

Who said diamonds were a girl’s best friend?

Marilyn? Hon, you gotta learn a bit a somethin’ from us Geek Girls!

Update 06-14-12: It’s THREE years later and that keyboard still works beautifully. No sticky keys and no stray character glitches. We lost Sid about a year ago to a brain tumor, so rereading this entry was particularly sad for me, but it made me laugh a little as well. God, I miss that big dog!

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  1. LOL, It was really funny to read this, I love animals.

    A cat is sleeping next to me in this moment, he looks like yours just changing the grey coulours for orange.


    Comment by Ignacio — June 9, 2009 @ 12:46 pm

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